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At Process Engineering Solutions, we partner with industry leading equipment manufacturers to provide solutions for the Chemical, Nuclear, and Mining industries. Process Engineering Solutions, PLLC provides full customer support and warranties for all supplied equipment.  Territories represented for each line are indicated below.  Click on the Logos below for additional equipment line information.


Plate & Frame
Heat Exchangers
(NC, SC, VA, TN)

Munters Logo.png

Polymer Heat Exchangers, Immersion Coils, & Tubing
(NC, SC, VA)

Gas to Gas
Heat Exchangers
(NC & SC)


Butterfly Valves & Dampers,
Gate Valves, Diverters
(NC, SC, VA, TN)

pentamet logo.png

Fabric and Metal
Expansion Joints
(NC, SC, VA)

Proflow Logo.jpg

(NC, SC)

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